Stand Up Paddle


Stand up paddling (or SUP) is a sport consisting of standing on a long large board while rowing with a paddle.


SUP is at the origin of modern windsurfing. Polynesian Kings were the first to take on the waves standing on large wooden boards and rowing with a paddle.
In the 1940s, Duke Kahanamoku and the Beach Boys of Waikiki in Hawaii used this type of board to take pictures of tourists or to surf on small waves.
In the 2000s, Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama rediscovered this activity and used SUP to maintain their watermen’s bodies on days without waves and then gradually started riding bigger waves.


Everybody from age 7 to 77, men and women. The fact that we are increasingly numerous to practice this activity proves its popularity. Many surfers like SUP because it allows them to train even on days without waves and to discover new surfing sensations.


Nothing is simpler: a board, a paddle, a leash and a fun attitude is all you need. For longer outings, wearing a life jacket and carrying a waterproof case for a mobile phone, water and cereal bars is recommended. In case of cold water, wearing a suit is a good idea to extend your pleasure.


  • Equipment (HOBIE SUP – 12'6 Race Tour inflatable + paddle) provided during personal training session.
  • Discovery: 60 minutes individual workout session. Would you like to discover the SUP basics? Come and enjoy your first steps. Learn how to paddle, the different foot stances, turning techniques and some fun balance exercises.
  • Beginner: 75 minutes individual workout session. The Paddlefit™ Beginner program is open to everyone who would like to start and try the Paddlefit™ SUP program. After a short introduction on the equipment, we start with a warm up followed by easy exercises on the SUP board. We teach you important SUP techniques for correct paddle stroke including a cardio program. The session finishes with a cool-down and stretching.

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